Mystery Shopping Resources

PayPal - Many companies can use PayPal to make payments, and a few require it. Sign up for free.

FREE Business Cards! VistaPrint will give you 250 premium quality, color business cards free! Great for those times that a store or restaurant is having a giveaway drawing.

MetroFax. Faxing Made Simple! - use your computer and email to fax your receipts to your Mystery Shopping companies.

Get Mozy Now! Mozy Online Backup: 2GB free or $4.95/mo for Unlimited Backup. Backup your Mystery Shopping information, not to mention important personal files. It's simple, automatic and secure!

Mystery Shopping Job Search - you can use this tool to search for jobs near your home, and specify the type of shops you would like (casual dining, hospitality, etc.)

Open Office - Some companies require reports to be submitted in Excel format. If you don't have Excel, Open Office offers a free alternative.

Eats, Shoots, & Leaves - Mystery shopping companies want your reports to contain proper grammer. If you're not sure whether to use a colon or semi-colon, this book can help.

Zip Code Finder - Some sites will ask you which zip codes you can shop. This free tool can help you find all the zip codes in your area.

Mystery Shopping Trade Associations

Mystery Shoppers Providers Associations

International Mystery Shopping Alliance

European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research

Australian Market and Social Research Society